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By Karen Lloyd
Published: August 11, 2021 | Last updated: December 8, 2021 01:10:09
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Key Takeaways

The future is bright for North America’s horticultural lighting industry.

The pandemic has exposed just how vulnerable growers are to disruptions in their production, especially when relying on foreign vendors and workers for infrastructure needs.


With air travel suspended and European consultants and builders unable to travel to North American job sites, many commercial greenhouse builds and expansions came to a halt. Equipment suppliers who manufacture products offshore were also interrupted, as were their customers.

“The COVID pandemic exposed a multitude of shortcomings in terms of local supply chains’ food products,” says P.L. Light Systems marketing manager Lisa Jansen van Rensburg.


A Local Leader in Horticultural Lighting

Growers who opted to work with a North American supplier, like P.L. Light Systems, for critical equipment have been at an enormous advantage. Located in Beamsville, Ontario, P.L. Light Systems manufactures and distributes horticultural lighting products across Canada, the U.S., and South America. With a team of customer service experts available in local time zones, the company can easily resolve technical concerns.

Known as the lighting knowledge company, P.L. Light Systems has specialized in horticultural lighting solutions for more than 40 years.

“We’re not a commercial lighting manufacturer trying to jump on the CEA bandwagon,” says Jansen van Rensburg.


Named after Poot Lichtenergie, an original pioneer in horticultural lighting, P.L. Light Systems started in 1981 to serve as the North American division of Poot Lichtenergie B.V. The company has since worked with growers in all horticultural industries, including vine crops, cannabis, ornamentals, and research institutions.

Cannabis grow facility with P.L. Light Systems lighting


Innovate and Intuitive

P.L. Light Systems engineers every product specifically for the horticultural environment. All products are certified to the most rigorous North American safety standards and feature:

  • Optical design for supreme light distribution and intensity.
  • Contour to address unique application challenges.
  • Functional and intuitive mounting solutions.
  • A light spectrum that elicits specific plant responses.

“No matter what you grow, or the style or type of lighting you are investing in, we have a solution for you,” says Jansen van Rensburg.

The company’s best-selling luminaries are the NXT2 and NXT-LP HID but as growers become more receptive to LED technology and energy rebates become available to horticultural customers, the HortiLED Top 2.0 luminaires are also popular.

All products and service innovations implemented at P.L. Light Systems are based on sound data and a practical understanding of the growing environment.

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“For us, the concept of innovation applies to every aspect of our products,” says Jansen van Rensburg.

P.L. Light Systems has several development projects on the go — including one in particular that the company believes will be a game-changer within the horticultural lighting space.

“As much as I’m bursting with excitement about the exciting new projects we have in the pipeline, I can’t divulge any details just yet, but growers will definitely want to stay tuned,” says Jansen van Rensburg. She attributes much of the company’s success to the combined talents of its employees. “We have incredible employees who are like extended family.”

Close up of a cannabis plant inside a grow facility.

Horticulture Lighting is a Flourishing Industry

While traditional lighting markets have been stagnant in recent years, the horticultural lighting market is set to burgeon.

As both governments and consumers demand more reliable access to healthy, sustainably produced food and retailers, and distributors look to ensure the future security of the entire food supply chain, Jansen van Rensburg expects to see increased investment and support for sustainable agriculture and ag-tech sectors.

The industry is evolving at an extremely rapid pace, with the help of COVID. With this shift, Jansen van Rensburg has seen a tremendous increase in the number of competitors entering the market and she urges shoppers to do their homework before choosing any supplier.

“It’s been hard to see growers burned by these companies,” says Jansen van Rensburg. She’s heard stories from clients who’ve not only had their luminaires fail shortly after installation, they were unable to secure after-sales support. In most cases, the lighting supplier had gone out of business.

Customers who visit P.L. Light Systems can be sure their individual needs and diverse lighting goals will be handled with care and expertise. P.L. Light Systems is committed to constantly reinventing itself, its products, and its customer service levels. “We are always working on developing new and/or improved solutions that meet current needs within the market,” says Jansen van Rensburg.

The company is always looking at alternative ways to reduce waste, recycle responsibly, and use more sustainable materials. P.L. Light Systems has also been focusing on developing products that promote long-term reliability and use for future generations (and pandemics) to come.


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Written by Karen Lloyd | Freelance Writer, Digital Marketing Expert

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