9 Cannabis Strains to Light the Bedroom Fire

By Kasey Craig
Published: January 25, 2023 | Last updated: January 25, 2023 08:34:47
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We already know cannabis is a gateway to great sex. Weed and sex go together like peas and carrots. So, what are the best cannabis strains for sexual pleasure?

Some cannabis strains can assist with sexual experience and you deserve to know which strains to stock up on so you can keep the romance alive. The Journal of Sexual Medicine did a study and cannabis users had more sexual encounters each month than non-cannabis users. Are we all just horny or do we just have the right cannabis strain in our stash?


The Best Cannabis Strains to Smoke Before Sex

To find the best pre-sex strain, it’s important to consider the way you want to feel. Weed has the potential to lower your inhibitions and heighten all your senses. To be transparent, there isn’t one specific strain that is going to skyrocket your libido—that just doesn’t exist. Instead, you’ll look for the strain that provides the bedroom mood you want. For example, if you want relaxation and bliss, an indica could be a good choice. But if you’re self-pleasuring in the morning and looking for a high-energy boost, a sativa could make more sense.

If you deal with severe sexual dysfunction, consult your doctor about steps you can take to increase your sex drive. This information is to help create a better sexual experience; it’s not intended to cure or treat low libido.

Top 3 Indica Strains for Sex

When you just want the lights low and the music soft, where the night is a marathon and not a sprint, that’s when you want an indica in the bedroom. An indica can be beneficial for those wanting an experience of the senses. So, if getting sensual with your partner is the plan you have in mind, check out these three indica strains that will enhance your intimate pleasure experience.

XXX OG cannabis strain


Triple X OG is a beast of a strain that won first place in the LA 2014 Cannabis Cup. This strain boasts a potency of around 25 percent THC. When you smoke this strain, you can expect to feel euphoria and relaxation which is a great combination for lovers. With such a powerful indica, be careful not to hit the weed too hard, or instead of tapping ass, you’ll be tapping out for the night. When dosed properly this strain will leave you with a goofy and cheerful mood. After smoking this strain music will sound better, candles will be more mesmerizing, and the sex will be XXX.

Pink Panties cannabis strain

Pink Panties

An indica-dominant strain, Pink Panties, provides relaxing effects without the “in da couch” feeling given by most indica strains. This strain is known for boosting creativity, too, so if you’re wanting to try something new in the bedroom, Pink Panties could be the strain for you. For those with pain or anxiety, this strain is a good option since it soothes the mind and the body. If your local dispensary has this strain, it’s likely the budtenders will recommend it to someone looking to get in the mood. While I’m sure the Pink Panties will have you in a good mood, there isn’t one strain that is going to cure low libido. But if there was, this strain’s name alone puts it on the charts.

Northern Lights cannabis strain

Northern Lights

The best indica strain for sex could be Northern Lights: it’s an absolute classic. It’s possible you already had this strain in your stash at some point. Indica strains are known for helping people chill and relax. If you’re a pillow princess this could be a good strain for you. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, consider giving this strain a try, one sex therapist claims it could be a Viagra-replacement strain.

Northern Lights encourages deep body relaxation, so be careful not to smoke too much. Just a few hits and this strain can help you get into a sexy situation. Northern Lights is beneficial for people looking for a euphoric sexy marathon. Just like the Aurora Borealis, you could create a magical experience. Consider tantric sex mixed with Northern Lights to reach a higher and more intense orgasm.

Top 3 Hybrid Strains for Sex

When you don’t want your cannabis to knock you into the couch, but you also don’t want to jump on walls, consider the balancing effects of a hybrid. Generally, a hybrid is going to make you feel uplifted and creative. You can expect a clear-head high with a full-body effect—a combo that makes sensations more intense. Heightened senses are perfect when you’re looking to play under the covers.

Wedding Cake cannabis strain

Wedding Cake

The Wedding Cake strain could allow you to have your cake and eat it too. It is the perfect honeymoon love-making strain. Wedding Cake is a nice bud that will get you where you want to go without being overwhelming. This is the strain you use if you’re looking for some heartfelt lovemaking. Wedding Cake just sounds like the strain you would roll-up before passionate sex.

Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain

Girl Scout Cookies

Masturbation is good for you and Girl Scout Cookies can make it even better. If you have some fantasies, this strain boosts creativity, so expect some vivid scenarios playing through your mind when you make time to self-love after smoking this strain. The goal doesn’t have to be orgasming, sometimes just taking the time to pleasure yourself a few minutes can change your mood. Girl Scout Cookies can increase the sensory experience, so whether you’re alone or with someone, you can expect to feel all the euphoric sensations.

Bruce Banner cannabis strain

Bruce Banner

This strain has a powerful punch for anyone brave enough to get smashed by the Hulk. For you non-nerds, Bruce Banner is the Incredible Hulk. If you want a strain that is going to pick you up and throw you around, consider giving this a shot. While it won’t give you superhuman strength, you may find that you last longer or have more energy while it lasts. This strain would be ideal for those looking to bring spice to a dominant and submissive space. So if bondage, BDSM, or just heavy spanking are on your sexual itinerary, consider hitting up Bruce Banner.

From Food, to Sex, to Fine Art. Why Weed Makes Almost Everything Better
Exploring Cannabis in the Bedroom
Enhancing Your Sex Life with Cannabis

Top 3 Sativa Strains for Sex

Sativa is known for providing users with bursts of energy. A little boost in the bedroom is especially beneficial when you work, have kids, have depression, or just want to banish laziness.

If the wheelbarrow position is new to you and you don’t work out, consider smoking some sativa first.

Jack Herer cannabis strain

Jack Herer

Quite possibly the best sativa ever, Jack Herer will melt away your worries and clear your mind. You’ll feel comfortable in your skin after smoking this strain, so you can have the sex you want.

With the energy of a sativa and the confidence of a lion, don’t be surprised if you find yourself exploring new things in the sheets after smoking this strain. The balance of relaxation and uplifted mood will have your body tingling with pleasure.

Wet Dream cannabis strain

Wet Dream

Wet Dream Strain, not Wet Dream Stain. And no, this strain won’t make you orgasm in your sleep. But it could enhance the quality of your orgasm. The Wet Dream strain is a mix of Blue Dream and Ocean Beach Haze, so you know it provides you with a jolt of energy as well as racing euphoria. Plus the sativa strains give you the energy and mental stimulation to go all night or all day long.

Green Crack cannabis strain

Green Crack

If post-work exhaustion is prohibiting you from getting your freak on, consider trying Green Crack. This strain is super energizing, hence the name. On top of being energizing, this strain can boost productivity in the bedroom as well as creativity. You’ll have the energy to keep up with a partner that wants to get it on like rabbits. This strain is best for heavier cannabis users looking to add a little spicy energy to their romp routine.

Smoking Good Weed Could Lead to Better Sex

If you’ve been thinking about incorporating sex into your cannabis routine or cannabis into your sex routine, give it a try. Cannabis doctors suggest starting with a low dose and increasing until you feel comfortable. Those nervous about smoking and having sex should consider smoking and masturbation first. Once you’re comfortable with solo pleasure while high, you may want your partner(s) to join you.

Remember to talk about consent before you’re intoxicated so everyone is on the same page; if you or your partner begin to feel uncomfortable, communicating that is necessary. And unless you’re trying to procreate, Lil Wayne said it great back in 2008; “safe sex is great sex, better wear a latex, ‘cause you don’t want that late text, that ‘I think I’m late’ text.”


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