9 Grow Tent Accessories to Maximize Your Cannabis Yields

By Lee G Lyzit
Published: January 29, 2018 | Last updated: April 8, 2021 09:25:19
Key Takeaways

​So you’ve got your grow tent all set up and you’re ready to start growing. Now what? Kitting out your new tent with the right gear!

Grow tents have made indoor gardening more accessible than ever. The ability to set up a portable grow room in any apartment, house or garage is what makes grow tents so awesome.


A quality grow light, a good exhaust fan and some soil or a hydro system are all you need to get started, but to achieve optimal yields, you’ll need to consider adding a few more items to your grow tent. These are just some of the many accessories that can make a grow tent more efficient and effective.

Cannabis Grow Tent Accessories

Light Timers

A good light timer is a must-have accessory for any grow tent owner. Light timers make it easy to switch photoperiods quickly and consistently.


Oscillating Fans

Oscillating fans are a must-have item in your tent because they help make atmospheric conditions more consistent. Air movement helps reduce humidity issues and strengthens the cell walls within your plants.

Vent Covers

A great way to prevent problems before they can affect the garden, vent covers are placed over the intake ventilation holes of a grow tent to reduce the amount of dirt, dust and bugs that could otherwise be pulled into the garden space.

Carbon Filters

Most grow tents will only require a small carbon filter to adequately filter the air as it is exhausted from the tent. A good carbon filter will remove all odors before the air exits the grow tent.


Trellis Netting

A trellis net is a great way to help maximize the light energy within a grow tent. With the help of a trellis net, plants can be trained to grow into the area that receives the most useable light.

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Light Hangers

These handy tools allow reflectors to be raised and lowered quickly, giving growers the ability to raise the light as the plants grow. Light hangers make cleaning and maintenance easier.


These devices are especially important to include in grow tents in cooler locations. An atmospheric controller connected to the exhaust fan can help maintain a consistent environment by triggering the exhaust fan when temperature or humidity falls out of the desired range.

Sticky Traps

Sticky traps are an inexpensive way to help manage insect invasions. Including a couple of sticky traps in your grow tent will help you monitor and identify possible insect invaders. When it comes to pest insects, prevention and early detection are the keys to saving precious crops.

Drying Racks

Some herbs and plants are dried after harvest to best preserve their flavors and aromas. Drying racks are handy devices that can be hung right in the grow tent after harvest.

Grow tents are a convenient way to jump into indoor gardening. After the grow tent is fitted with lighting and ventilation systems, these accessories will help you get a good return on your investment. Having the right accessories in a grow tent not only makes your garden more efficient, but it also makes your life a little easier.

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Written by Lee G Lyzit | Grower, Writer

Profile Picture of Lee G Lyzit

Lee G. Lyzit has been involved in the cannabis industry for nearly 20 years. His passion for natural healing motivates him to learn as much as he can about the miraculous cannabis plant. Lee’s knowledge of cannabis gardening stems from his own extensive cultivation experiences and his past work as a hydroponic shop owner and manager.

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