5 Ways to Secure Your Cannabis Grow Op

By Lee G Lyzit
Published: February 21, 2020 | Last updated: April 8, 2021 10:24:31
Key Takeaways

​It is extremely important for cannabis growers to protect their gardens by implementing security measures. Cameras, audible alarms, canines and secrecy are all security measures that can aid in the protection of your cherished plants.

Apart from the countless lives that have been negatively affected, the United States’ failed war on drugs has created a distorted black market pricing structure for illegal substances. Although we are slowly seeing a shift in the way government and law enforcement view cannabis, the fact is that cannabis is still severely overvalued due to its illegal status in most states.


Thieves and scoundrels who are constantly on the lookout for opportunities and vulnerabilities will gladly snatch up a valuable cannabis crop if given the chance. It is extremely important for cannabis growers to protect their gardens by implementing security measures.

Personal Security Cameras and Audible Alarms

There are countless personal security products available for home or commercial use. Many cannabis growers choose this level of security because it is simple, effective and discreet. Multiple-camera security systems are affordable and can easily be linked to an online server so they can be monitored from anywhere. A camera system is great at identifying a thief and can even be used as evidence if the police get involved.


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The downside is that cameras systems alone don’t necessarily stop the damage before it is done. If the plants are destroyed, they cannot be instantly replaced, regardless of the perpetrator being apprehended or not. This is where an audible alert system can come in handy. Audible alarm systems can be used as stand-alone systems or in conjunction with a security camera system. When there is a breech, an ear-splitting alarm is sounded. A would-be thief is usually quickly deterred when there is a siren screaming from the premise.

Professional Security Systems

Although not as commonly used as personal systems, a professional security system can be an effective way to deter thieves.


Professional security systems can include cameras, alarms, motion sensors or a combination of these security measures.

Professional security systems are monitored by a security company. Each company is a little different, but these systems are great for growers who are not in the same vicinity as their grow sites. If there is a problem, the security company will intervene or contact law enforcement to intervene. Most professional security systems are affordable and are set up so the grower pays a low monthly fee.


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Animal Protection

Man’s best friend is surely worth mentioning when it comes to garden security. Most robbers will think twice before messing with Cujo. Guard dogs, especially ones trained for that purpose, can go a long way in garden security. Many professional cannabis growers have dog runs set up around the perimeter of the garden so that a thief would have to attempt to cross a moat of highly trained mutts. In most cases, just the sight of a big, snarly beast will send a burglar running with his tail between his legs.

Loose Lips Sink Ships

The old phrase, “loose lips sink ships” that originated during World War II couldn’t be more true for cannabis growers. In other words, don’t show anyone or talk to anyone about your garden. I have seen novice growers make this mistake time and time again. Many new growers are excited. They want to show all their friends and tell anyone who will listen. Stop it! The most effective and important security measure any cannabis grower can implement is to not talk about the garden.

Remember the first rule of Fight Club: You do not talk about the fight club. If cannabis growers took this rule seriously, they would greatly reduce their chances of being burglarized. In most cases, a cannabis heist is done by a “friend” or colleague. It is as simple as this: you can’t steal what you don’t know is there. The best way to keep your cannabis plants safe is to refrain from showing anyone or telling anyone about them.

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Lights and Odors

This should be more common sense than an actual security measure, but it is important to make sure the garden appears normal to the public eye. If a glowing light or strong odor is emitting from a building, chances are good that someone will notice. Always be sure your lights are contained and you treat odors with a carbon filter or other odor-neutralizing devices.

For new growers, it can be difficult to perceive the gravity of good security measures. After spending a lot of money on growroom equipment, not to mention the time it takes to grow plants to maturity, the last thing you want is a crook to come in and snatch up your hard work.

Cameras, audible alarms, canines and secrecy are all security measures that can aid in the protection of your cherished plants.

Whether you are a commercial cannabis grower or a hobbyist medical marijuana enthusiast, implementing adequate garden security can mean the difference between profitable yields and utter devastation.


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Written by Lee G Lyzit | Grower, Writer

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Lee G. Lyzit has been involved in the cannabis industry for nearly 20 years. His passion for natural healing motivates him to learn as much as he can about the miraculous cannabis plant. Lee’s knowledge of cannabis gardening stems from his own extensive cultivation experiences and his past work as a hydroponic shop owner and manager.

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