5 Ways to Stash Your Stash: Cannabis Storage Solutions

By Alan Ray
Published: April 1, 2017 | Last updated: May 11, 2021 04:34:28
Key Takeaways

With more people subscribing to the use of cannabis, keeping it safe and fresh within the home is becoming more important. Look no further than Alan Ray’s suggestions to stylishly and effectively stash your weed.

Medical marijuana can be a powerful tool in the fight against many physical and mental disorders, and, as with any tool, it should be stored in its proper place. With MMJ, the reasons for designating its own safe space are many and obvious.


Aside from convenience and ready access, there is the safety factor. Emergency room visits for acute marijuana intoxication in children less than nine years old is on the rise in states that have legalized marijuana, but this can be easily avoided with a little thoughtful effort. Proper storage is paramount to keeping MMJ safely out of the reach of children, pets, and prying eyes.

Below is a list of five cool and stealthy ways of keeping your stash safely hidden while significantly reducing or virtually eliminating marijuana’s herbal essence.


Odor Proof Bags for Cannabis

Today’s MMJ carries a far richer bouquet than ever before. It doesn’t take a bloodhound to detect that fragrance. Also, if odor is leaking out of your bag, then air is also seeping in and accelerating the drying process. You don’t want either one of these issues. To address them, several companies now manufacture bags designed expressly to control or even eliminate the smell of marijuana much better than traditional baggies ever could.

Many bags are made of extra thick polyethylene and offer the customer a variety of options. In addition to containing the fragrance of their contents, they are relatively inexpensive and reusable. Many scent proof bags come in a range of handy sizes as well. Some thoughtful brands are even available with a double-squeeze child-resistant (not childproof) lock.

Name Brand Look-alike Containers are Ideal for Traveling with Cannabis

These stash holders emulate practically every famous brand, from Coca Cola to STP and a hundred in between. Fake and hollow bottles, cans, and more are an effective way to hide your treasure in a product virtually identical to the real thing. The beauty of these stealthy storage containers is they can be hidden in plain sight with little chance of detection. Many products are even properly weighted for greater realism. Scores of these deceptive receptacles are available online.


Keep Your Cannabis in a Small Safe

An excellent way to protect your MMJ is to simply keep it locked up in a small safe with either a key or combination known only to you. A locked safe prevents children, guests, and friends from gaining access to its contents. Moreover, unless a thief flat out steals your mini-vault, your stash will be safe even if the safe is discovered in a burglary.

Aside from traditional safes that you have to physically hide, there are also diversion safes available to protect your valuables. These are cleverly designed to look like everyday items to fool almost any burglar or person of disreputable character. From working wall clock safes to fake electrical wall outlets that contain a fold-out tray, there are several excellent ways to conceal your favorite goodies.


A Prescription Bottle with a Combination Cap

As with most prescriptions, MMJ can be stored in a prescription bottle—but not your typical drug store version. Those bottles generally come with a childproof cap that practically any child can open with a little time and minimal effort. The effectiveness of those so-called safety caps is minimal at best.

Instead, there are prescription bottles available that offer added protection from busy little (or big) hands. By creating your own four-digit combination to secure the cap, you decrease the likelihood of someone intentionally or inadvertently opening the bottle.

Humidors for Cannabis Storage

Effective methods for maintaining moisture content and shelf life are key factors in preserving the potency of your herb. Marijuana-dedicated humidors are a popular and efficacious way to keep your MMJ fresh and strong for a long period.

A tobacco humidor, while great for keeping pipe and rolling tobacco fresh, is not recommended for marijuana storage. Cigar and tobacco humidors are generally made of cedar wood and anyone familiar with cedar knows it emanates a woody smell that potentially can transfer to the tobacco.

In addition, where optimum relative humidity (RH) levels for tobacco range from 70 to 72 per cent, marijuana stores best in a lower humidity environment of 55 to 72 per cent. There are humidors on the market constructed explicitly to protect and preserve your favorite herb.

And, just because we can, here’s a sixth way to stash your cannabis: If you are in a household where such safety isn’t a concern, airtight glass jars kept in a dark place will suffice very nicely for storage purposes.


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Written by Alan Ray

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