5 Health Conditions Alleviated by Cannabis Creams and Topicals

By Shannon McKee
Published: February 26, 2020 | Last updated: April 23, 2021 12:50:54
Key Takeaways

Cannabis creams and topicals are becoming popular because they can help alleviate many ailments and improve quality of life. While effective, however, it’s best to keep expectations realistic.

As cannabis is being legalized around the country, there are more and more products on the market that can help make your quality of life better. Cannabis creams and topicals are becoming popular, and there are good reasons for this trend. They are an easy way to get relief from a variety of health condition, but not everyone knows what they’re able to use these products to help. Here are five health issues that you can use cannabis creams and topicals to see benefits in your life.


Joint Inflammation

Those aches and pains in your joints that make it hard to get out of the bed in the morning are often from joint inflammation.

Swollen joints often cause a lot of pain during the day when you’re trying to live a normal life. Users have noted that applying cannabis creams or topicals directly to the swollen joints help them get back to their regular activities during the day. Also, applying it again before bedtime often helps with being able to get a good night’s rest and feeling refreshed in the morning.


Muscle Pain

Another condition that cannabis creams and topicals can be beneficial towards is muscle pain. Even those with deep-tissue soreness can find relief from their pain using this product. People enjoy using creams and topicals specifically for muscle pain for a few reasons. For one, they’re able to apply it directly to the pain area. That pulled muscle or aching back can get pinpointed relief from an application. Another reason is that while fast-acting, you don’t get the feeling of being stoned or out of it. Your pain is alleviated, and you can move on with your day.


Anyone that has had a serious headache or migraine knows how they can disrupt your whole day, making it hard to do anything but just lay in bed trying to hide from the light. Even a little headache can make it hard to concentrate at work, perform household chores, or even spend time with your family. Cannabis creams and topicals can be an effective treatment method for headaches. You’ll want to apply it to your temples and even your forehead to start feeling relief from your headache pains.

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That time of the month for some ladies is one of those things that most women wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy. Cramping before, during, and after your period can take a lot out of you. For some women, the thought of getting out of bed to face the day when menstrual cramps come about is too much. Cannabis creams and topicals can be an answer.

In the same way that these products help with inflammation and pain, it can be beneficial for menstrual issues. You’ll want to rub the product into the areas that are bothering you, such as your back, your stomach, and your hips. There are some great product lines available that are specifically geared towards women.


Problematic Skin

One final area that you can find relief is with your skin. Cannabis creams and topicals are beneficial for a wide variety of skin issues.

From uncomfortable rashes to blackheads and everything in between, these products can assist. For example, applying a cannabis topical to a blemish can help to reduce its size, the amount of irritation you feel from it, and how long it lasts. Adding this to your regular regime can make it so you reduce and potentially eliminate the number of times your skin breaks out in a rash or other condition.

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Tips on Using Cannabis Creams and Topicals

There are some things that you want to keep in mind when using your cream or topical. The first is you should start by cleaning the area you’re applying it to and dry it off. Then, you’ll want to add a generous amount of cream or topical to the area you’re treating.

Use a firm, but not too forceful amount of pressure when applying the cream. You want to get it absorbed into the skin without making your discomfort worse.

Once you’ve finished applying it to the areas you’re treating, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. There’s nothing worse than putting something on your hands, forgetting about it, and then rubbing your eyes or other sensitive areas. Often, these creams may have additives like mint or citrus that can turn it into a stinging issue for those areas.

Lastly, don’t expect an instantaneous miracle. While many say that these products are a miracle to them, you should adjust the expectations you have for what you’ll feel. You’ll start to feel relief after application, but often the amount will be depending on the ingredients and concentration of your cream or topical. Also, if you’ve had arthritis or other ailments for years, it’s not going to go away entirely the first time you apply the cream or even the fourth time. This treatment isn’t necessarily a cure but can provide you with a more bearable experience.

Cannabis creams and topicals are a great option on the market, especially for those that are more resistant to the thought of using cannabis. Get the relief you need for these and other conditions in a more natural manner. The variety of creams and topicals available now and into the future should make it possible for you to find one that works for the purpose you need.


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Written by Shannon McKee | Freelance Writer, Gardener

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Shannon McKee lives in Ohio and has been a freelance writer for several years now, including on her blog, Nicknamed by loved ones a garden hoarder over the past few years, she grows a wide variety of plants in her urban garden.

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