5 Easiest Cannabis Strains for New Growers

By Maximum Yield
Published: December 17, 2018 | Last updated: June 28, 2021 10:10:06
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Key Takeaways

If you're looking for high yields with minimal maintenance these strains are a great place to start.

Does the phrase, “I’d love to grow my own, but I don’t have a green thumb,” sound familiar? Then the following 5 Easiest Cannabis Strains for New Growers is for you. There’s nothing quite like proudly watching your own plants grow happily and healthily. If you start with high-quality seeds, within eight short weeks, your plants will be flowering.


The list of strains below are all auto-flowers. Simply put, auto-flowers have internal light cycles and a don’t need a lot of fancy equipment.

Easy To Grow Cannabis Strains

White Widow

When it comes to commercial value, popularity and maintenance, White Widow definitely makes the cut. This popular strain boasts a unique class of high rarely found in other strains. From its distinct scent to its lasting flavor and aftertaste, White Widow is an undisputed winner. White widow typically takes about eight weeks to produce yields. This strain has a flowering time of eight weeks and typically takes 12-13 weeks from seed to harvest. In the growing world, that's lighting-fast.


Sour Girl

Sour Girl is blessed with parents of high caliber – Early Girl and Sour Diesel. It exhibits an intense diesel-like smell and offers a cerebral high that is as head spinning as its flavor. Sour Girl is great for reducing stress and anxiety, as the strong plant only takes three months to produce flower. Sour Girl grows well with plenty of sunshine, and only requires a little water to produce high yields. This seed is also great for indoor settings with plenty of head height. Sour Girl is certainly a perfect strain for first-time growers.

Northern Lights

If you’re looking for a strain with low odor, high potency and that's easy to grow, Northern Lights is the seed choice for you. It offers a kind of high that leaves the body feeling great and the mind refreshed. No wonder it is a Cannabis Cup winner and a crowd favorite. Growing successfully in well-ventilated, small spaces, the flowering time for this strain of cannabis seed is only eight weeks.

Amnesia Haze

With resistance to pests and molds, Amnesia Haze is one of a kind. This uplifting Sativa eases anxiety, alleviates headaches, and sparks the creative fire within. Taking only nine weeks to flower, one seed can grow into a plant with yields up to 250 grams. Amnesia Haze is recommended for those looking for a strain that offers a little bit of everything.


Jack Herer

Jack Herer is one of the most famous cannabis strains in the world. It is well-known in the medical community for its stress and pain-relieving qualities. After a few hits, you’ll find yourself in absolute relaxation and with a refreshed mind. Relatively easy to grow, Jack Herer only needs nine weeks to flower. Add Jack Herer to your grow arsenal if you want an impressive collection consisting of only the best names and the best buzz in the industry.

These auto-flowering cannabis seeds are available from Crop King Seeds. If you're looking for high yields with minimal maintenance these strains are a great place to start.


(For more on the seeds, check out Weed Seeds: When to Choose Regular, Feminized or Autoflowering.)


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