5 Cannabis Skincare Products You Need to Try

By Colleen Graham
Published: June 1, 2016 | Last updated: May 11, 2021 04:22:07
Key Takeaways

​Cannabis and hemp have made their way into many parts of our lives, and our daily hygiene routines are no exception. From body lotions and washes to shampoos and perfumes, CBD is making an appearance in a variety of skincare products and anyone can take advantage of this boom in canna-beauty.

The Benefits of Cannabis Skincare Products

First of all, it’s important to distinguish cannabis and hemp: cannabis refers to the flower while hemp refers to the seeds and stems. The majority of beauty products use hemp oil because CBD-only products can be sold across straight lines; THC products need to be sold in the state they are produced.


On the beauty front, we are not missing out on much with this dominance of CBD products. Hemp oil is a natural moisturizer and one of the least greasy base oils, so it’s perfect for soaps, lotions and balms. It is also anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and is filled with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Topically, you will get muscle and skin benefits from CBD lotions and salves, and they can be used to relieve minor aches and pains as well. Some spas are getting on the cannabis bandwagon and offering massages with THC-infused oils that offer even more relief.


These medicinal ointments are also popping up in more and more dispensaries. Overall the point of hemp-based beauty products is to bring their basic benefits into our everyday lives. Many are also formulated to give you a calm feeling and contain fragrances designed to soothe your mind and relieve stress.

Weed-infused beauty products will not get you high. They are not designed to penetrate your skin and won’t enter your bloodstream, so just think of them as another natural alternative in your skincare regimen.

So do we have you convinced? If so, we encourage you to check out any of these hemp-tastic beauty products.


Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Hemp Tea Tree Pure-Castile Soap

What can’t you do with this amazing soap? From cleansing your face to mopping the floor, Dr. Bonner’s Castile Soap can clean it all, but it’s particularly revered for its acne-fighting ability. This soap is organic and fair trade and has a nice woody scent. The hemp seed oil’s anti-inflammatory properties combined with tea tree essential oil—known for antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities—makes this all-natural soap as effective as benzoyl peroxide. The hemp oil also counteracts the dryness some people experience with tea tree alone, making Dr. Bonner’s Castile Soap a real winning combination.


Hempz Triple Moisture Herbal Shampoo

We put our hair through a lot of turmoil and it can easily become dry and look dull. This moisturizing shampoo from Hempz is the perfect solution, especially when paired with their Whipped Creme Conditioner. Made with 100 per cent pure and natural hemp seed oil and mild cleansers, Hempz shampoo is designed to give your hair the moisture and protection it needs, leave it smooth and soft, and avoid harsh chemicals that can lead to further damage. The grapefruit-peach fragrance is a day-long delight and if you have other hair issues, Hempz probably has a solution for you.

Apothecanna Everyday Body Crème

Apothecanna is leading the industry in healing lotions and they have crèmes specifically designed for either pain and stress relief. The favorite for everyday use as a moisturizing lotion has to be the Everyday Crème. A mix of essential oils like mandarin, cedar, geranium, calendula and sweet orange combine with CBD cannabis oil to create a lotion that moisturizes while the scents calm your mind and soothe your spirit. It is an all-body, all-day lotion that is sure to leave you feeling great.

Nature’s Gate Hemp Body Wash

What better way to start your day than a shower with a soothing, creamy body wash? If you’re looking for a feel-good shower soap without harsh perfumes, Nature’s Gate Hemp Body Wash is the one for you. This one features hemp seed oil, milk thistle and dandelion, and it gets the perfect lather with a loofah or pouf. The fragrance is pleasant, best described as an earthy botanical that both men and women can enjoy. It leaves your skin moisturized and stimulates your senses so you are ready to face the day ahead.

Demeter Fragrance Library Cannabis Flower

Aromatherapy takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to cannabis perfumes and we’re going far beyond that hippie favorite of patchouli oil. This is a popular category in hemp-based beauty and a favorite among the masses is Demeter’s Cannabis Flower. The fragrance has sweet floral and slightly spicy notes and you will not be disappointed if you love the smell of cannabis. However, it will not leave you smelling like you just smoked up. Instead, it’s masked very well and the blend is mysteriously pleasant. You can try it out for just a few dollars. If you like it, the scent is replicated in other products, from room sprays to shower gels.


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Written by Colleen Graham

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