We’ve all seen the action movie where the bad guys rob a bank and make a daring escape. Just when they think they are home free, they open their money bags and … poof! Their hands, faces, clothing, and all the bills they just risked their lives for are instantly dyed an unmistakable red. Soon after, the police close in and it is game over for the crooks.

For the 270 people who work in offices around the world for 3SI Security Systems, watching bad guys get caught isn’t just in the movies, it’s their job.

“The best part of working at 3SI is receiving our Robbery Report e-mails,” says Lisa Moughan, 3SI’s global marketing communication manager. “What that means is that every time a 3SI tracking device is deployed by one of our customers in a robbery, we receive an e-mail update telling us about the crime, the pursuit, the capture, and the recovery. It is so rewarding coming to work every day knowing that we are helping to make the world a safer place by catching criminals.”

3SI, founded 45 years ago in Pennsylvania, started out by supplying its trademarked SecurityPac dye pack products to financial institutions. From there, the company expanded to include GPS tracking and now serves retail markets and law enforcement agencies in addition to banks and credit unions.

With the rise of legal cannabis-based businesses in the US and around the world, especially for retailers and commercial growers, 3SI’s products are the perfect fit to help protect what is still a largely cash-based industry.

“We are spending a lot of time talking to people in the industry to better understand their security challenges, and to understand the business processes they follow,” says Moughan. “It has been interesting to learn that they have many of the same concerns that our other retail customers have.

One differentiator, though, is that this is a cash-based business. While the model for a lot of retailers is to use less cash and more card transactions, the cannabis industry is still limited in those capabilities so they still use a lot of cash. Storing and moving large amounts of cash makes them an attractive target for criminals.”

Moughan adds that 3SI continues to keep a dialogue open with retailers and growers to learn how to best prevent robberies.

“We’ve learned that there are a lot of times when the product is vulnerable to robbery and we’ve been excited to learn that we have existing products that are perfect to protect product in these circumstances,” she says.

With direct distribution throughout North America and Europe, and indirectly in 40 other countries, 3SI is considered the global leader in providing innovative solutions, professional service, and customer satisfaction. With a long list of employees who have chosen to stay for 20-plus years, the company has an internal saying of ‘3SI – ONE team,’ one that Moughan says the team takes to heart.

“We take pride in knowing that our devices helped capture a criminal, especially ones that have been implicated in numerous other crimes,” says Moughan. “Taking serial and sometimes violent offenders off the street makes all of the hard work very worthwhile and we are looking forward to partnering with cannabis customers to find solutions to help them with security concerns.”