3 Products To Help Boost Your Cannabis YieldsNature's Nectar Terpene Plus

Nature's Nectar Terpene Plus 0-0-4 utilizes natural precursor extracts to increase overall size of essential oils and concentration of terpenoids in your plant. Terpene Plus increases the intermediate compound in a chain of enzymatic reactions that give rise to a substantial increase in odor and essential oils of your fruit. Terpene Plus is a nutrient additive that is used throughout the entire life cycle of your plant. Learn More

3 Products To Help Boost Your Cannabis Yields

One Way to Grow Plant Food

One Way to Grow plant food for commercial and large scale growers. Revolutionary new all-inone nutrient formulations for Grow and Bloom. One Way to Grow contains all primary, secondary, micro nutrients, calcium, magnesium, and all additives/ biostimulants found in most major feeding programs. Incredibly cost effective, treat your water for cents per gallon using One Way to Grow nutrients. A premeasured scoop for a 25 gallon reservoir makes feeding easy. Learn More

3 Products To Help Boost Your Cannabis Yields

SNS-209 All Natural Systemic Pest Control

Certified organic SNS-209™ provides a barrier for plants to protect them against damaging insects. The SNS-209™ barrier is harmless to the plant but distasteful to aphids, mites, and other insects. SNS-209™ Systemic Insect Control is made up of 100% pure botanical extracts that are highly water soluble, food grade GRAS (generally recognized as safe) materials. Learn More