Potency and Profit: Improving Financial Performance Through Secondary Metabolite Production

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Key Takeaways

Most cultivators know that an essential tool in your grower toolkit is lighting. But many are just now seeing the impact on how different lighting technologies can impact your bottom line. As many state markets are experiencing price compression, it is important to analyze the technology you invest in and how it impacts plant production in order to achieve optimal efficiencies in your business.

A lot of focus has been placed on identifying target markets and strains which best address consumer demand. However, not enough has been said around how efficient cultivation strategies – which focus on producing key secondary metabolites – will allow growers to ultimately harvest more potent cannabis plants, which then translate into better profits. Did you know different lighting can change the chemical composition of a plant? Taking this into consideration in facility planning is essential in understanding your return on investment.

Join Ryley Leech from Fluence by OSRAM as he discusses his journey from patient to, cannabinoid expert, to grower, to consultant. Leech will bring his experience as a grower and a facility planner and expose new ways of looking at the technology you are implementing. He will then discuss how his insights are guiding the largest cannabis growers from around the world produce secondary metabolites efficiently at commercial scales.

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