Post-Harvest Care: What to Consider

These are the things to consider before you overhaul or outfit your facility’s post-harvest processes.

Post Harvest Care EbookHave you ever seen a beautiful cannabis crop in the grow, but the processed flower doesn’t look, smell, or feel like it did before harvest? Maybe it is a shaved version of what it looked like on the plant or the final nug sizes vary drastically. Or, you grab your go-to flower at the dispensary and it’s usual pungent smell is less than impressive this time around. This is a clue that the cultivation facility’s post-harvest processes can be dialed in for a better final product. The operator’s focus is often on the cultivation phase of growing commercial cannabis. Choosing the right lights, the right cultivation SOPs, and the right cultivars are just three key parts of growing commercial cannabis. Without these things, you’ll struggle to attain a high quality product to send to your post harvest team. Without the right post-harvest processes, high-performing LEDs and strong SOPs during cultivation also won’t matter. Your post-harvest processes must also be dialed in for a premium final product.

An excess of automation, too many touch points by staff members, and improper SOPs during processing are three of the most common problems in post-harvest operations. These issues can stagnate sales over time as consumers come to expect less-than-stellar quality from the brand’s final product.

These are the things to consider before you overhaul or outfit your facility’s post-harvest processes.


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