10 Most Common New Cannabis Grower Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

By Maximum Yield
Published: September 10, 2019 | Last updated: May 12, 2021 04:32:40
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Key Takeaways

Newbie cannabis growers are prone to mistakes but avoiding a few key errors can save your first crop.

Cultivating cannabis comes with a precipitous learning curve. Hence, a novice grower like you will typically make mistakes again and again before you finally learn. The key here is to pursue your passion and not to feel disheartened because this feeling will stop you from learning.

Here is a list of the most common mistakes made by other novice growers when cultivating cannabis.


Impatiently Germinating Cannabis Seeds

The germination stage is the most vulnerable period of the entire cannabis life cycle. As a first-time grower, you can boost your chances of success all the way to 80% by following the cup of water and paper towel germination method.

Once you're done following all the steps, make sure to keep your hands off the seeds. By touching and uncovering the seeds to check them, you’re exposing them to possible damage. Cannabis seeds normally take 10 days to finish germinating. Just be patient and let the seeds do their thing.

Overfeeding Cannabis Plants

Overfeeding cannabis plants is a common mistake made by most novice gardeners. For plants, foods don’t promote growth at all times. It can mean exactly the opposite: overfeeding your cannabis plants will damage your entire garden.

Overfeeding can lead to a condition known as nutrient burn. It won’t kill your cannabis plants, but it does leave an eye-catching marking that will constantly remind you of your error. The solution to this is using the given feeding schedule for your nutrient system, but use just a quarter of the suggested dose.

Nutrients for cannabis come in two types: organic and non-organic. Organic nutrients are from manure, compost, and other refined minerals in the soil. (Read also: The Art of Growing Organic Cannabis)


Overwatering Cannabis Plants

Too much water causes cannabis plants to droop, or it can even kill them. Luckily, you can restore the overwatered plants.

To avoid overwatering your plants, be sure the top inch of the soil is dry. You can also lift the pots and check their weight. If you are not sure, wait until you see your plants wilting a bit to be sure they need water at the moment.

Failing to Manage the pH Level

As a novice grower, you have many things - such as formulas, regimens and acronyms - to remember. After hearing something about the pH level, you may be tempted to ignore the rule and just water your plants.

Failure to manage the pH level can be too dangerous for your plants. For cannabis plants, pH will help you determine which nutrients they can take.

When the pH level is within the normal range, that will mean your plants can take in whatever nutrients they require. The normal pH level for hydroponics is 5.5 to 6.5 while for soil, it will be from 6.0 to 7.0. (Read also: What are the Best pH Levels for Growing Cannabis?)

Providing Insufficient Light

Lighting is very important for the growth of your plants. So, insufficient is a big no-no. If you grow plants indoors, then be sure to provide them a good source of lighting. Many growers begin with CFLs. Also, be sure to leave your plants exposed to lighting based on your preferred schedule.


Harvesting Buds Prematurely

Patience is a must when cultivating cannabis. You need to more patient especially when your plants are already producing buds. You must harvest them at the most perfect time. The harvest period may vary from strain to strain. Regardless of that, harvesting your plants too early makes your buds less potent. It can even reduce total weight.

Getting Root Bound

If you’re growing your plants in pots or containers, prevent them from getting root bound. Root bound means the roots grew across the edges and bottom of containers or pot due to the size. The roots of cannabis plants typically grow faster than the other parts, so bear that in mind. Root bound plants may die sooner, so don’t forget to move your plants to bigger containers right away.



Pruning promotes growth in cannabis plants but overdoing it can lead your plants to stunted growth. Just use one or two methods and watch out for their effects on your plants.

Investing in Bad Genetics

Cannabis seeds are expensive. You’ll be spending almost $100 for them, especially for the high-quality cannabis seeds. To avoid getting cannabis seeds with bad genetics, buy them only from a reliable high-quality source, like Sunwest Genetics.

Windowsill Growing

Growing cannabis on a windowsill is not a good idea. Cannabis plants crave sunlight, so put them somewhere they can receive the right amount of lighting each day. This is crucial for their growth.

Final Thoughts
You should learn from your mistakes and avoid making more! Educate yourself and get started planting only when you’re ready for the task. If you’re unsure about something, step back and do your homework first. Learn everything about your cannabis plants. If you’re struggling a lot in growing your plants, seek help from an experienced grower.

It is also good to source your marijuana seeds from a reputable seed bank to make sure that you will have healthy marijuana plants.


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