How to Respond to Crop Failure

Despite best efforts by beginners and experts alike, crop failure is part of being a grower. From bugs to mold, overwatering and overfeeding, there are myriad ways...


Monica Mansfield shares her secrets for growing these increasingly popular plants.

Building the Perfect Organic Fertilizer

Tailoring your fertilizer program to meet the unique needs of your plants and soils is not only possible, it is easier than you might think.

Hydroponic Grapes

Like many fruiting plants, grapes respond well to the controlled nutrition and climatic advantages of protected cultivation and produce high-quality fruit with an...

Enhance Your Plant's Root System

What you see in a plant’s foliage is almost always the result of what is going on in the soil. When there are issues with soil quality, there will most certainly be...

12 Permaculture Principles

Permaculture is more than just a buzz word. It’s a sustainable approach to designing and growing edible landscapes. There’s a bit more to it than that though, as Helene...

leggy seedling

Many colder-climate gardeners like to get an early start by starting seeds indoors. However, an issue that can arise is having gangly, leggy seedlings.

Ebb and Flow Hydroponic Systems

An ebb and flow hydroponic system maximizes nutrient uptake and available oxygen in the root zone. Here's how these systems work and why this method of hydroponic...

Hands cupping soil around a plant into the shape of a heart.

Alan Ray explores the differences between types of soils and what to do if your dirt isn’t giving your plants the nutrients they need.

Greenhouse at sunset

You may be surprised to learn there are several different materials you can glaze your greenhouse with.

The Dirt on Soil & Potting Mixes

Ever question what was really in your soil or potting mixes, and how it affects your growing? Well, here's the dirt on your dirt.

Navigating Cannabis Terminology

Kelly Insley, a registered nurse, helps break down some of the cannabis terms in use today.

Try Growing Your Own Wasabi

Wasabi, an Asian plant with a strong flavor has gained popularity in recent years. Turns out, the semi-aquatic plant is well suited to hydroponic production, and we’ll...

The Science Behind Bone Meal

Using bone meal for plants is not a new technique, but it can improve the outcome of your plantings when introduced properly.

Recipes for Success: Plant Diet Basics & Formulation Fundamentals

Experimenting with various nutrients and boosters is not just for commercial growers—thanks to the wide range of products available today, the hobby gardener can try it...


How do I use nutrients I see in those jugs that say veg and bloom, or do I even need those to try and do it organically?

Hello Brock,Thank you for your question. Most hydroponic nutrients, whether organic or conventional, are split into “grow” and “bloom” or &ldquo...

If I grow hot peppers and tomatoes in my growroom, should the nutrient water be separate systems? I don’t want spicy tomatoes

Hello,Thank you for your question. Growing tomatoes in the same hydroponic system as hot peppers will not create spicy tomatoes. In fact, a wide variety of vegetables...

With recent news around vaping and lung injuries, how concerned should I be with vaping cannabis?

Great question. There has been a lot of attention on vaping in the news recently due to the reported lung injuries and even deaths associated with vaping. The Centers...

Young cannabis plants growing in pots.

Thank you for your question. When growing cannabis in a container outdoors, it is important to determine the appropriate size container to ensure success. Assuming the...

What method should I use to grow pineapples hydroponically?

Great question! Though pineapples are not typically thought of as a viable hydroponic crop, they certainly can be grown in hydro systems. The main drawback is the amount...