Balancing Act: Understanding the Ups and Downs of pH

To get the most out of your plants, follow our expert's advice on balancing pH in your garden.

The Mechanisms Behind Vascular Plants

Grubbycup puts on his biology hat and explains the mechanisms of vascular plants.

How to Customize Your Own Organic Potting Mix

Customizing your organic potting mix is a great way to ensure your plants receive the best nourishment possible.

Growing Healthy Hemp Plants

Starting with seed selection, Chris Bond elaborates on what’s needed to grow healthy hemp plants for crop production.

Important Tips for Growing Cannabis in Soil

Despite hydroponics being used in more and more grow rooms, soil remains an effective way to grow cannabis. What makes soil great to grow in? The answer is beneficial...

Super Starts: Healthier Transplants for Happier Harvests

If you are going to keep growing indoors, which is advisable, you will want to do what savvy indoor growers do. That’s to pre-veg your plants before introducing them to...

Dealing with Hornworms in the Garden

With an ultimate camouflage making them hard to spot, tomato hornworms are elusive and can wreak havoc on your plants. Alan Ray explains how effectively identify and...

Biosecurity Basics: A Bit Beyond Sanitation

A lot has been said about how important it is to sanitize a growroom to keep problems at bay. Here are five ways to implement a mindset of biosecurity to make your next...

Talking to your Doc About Cannabis

If you are seeking the advice of your doctor about medical marijuana use, there are a few steps that can be taken to ensure the encounter is as comfortable as possible.

Multi-tasking Bees are the Superheroes of Pest Control

Bees have not only long held a crucial role as large-scale pollinators, they have now been recruited as allies in the grower’s fight against pest and fungal diseases.

How pH & TDS Levels Affect Water Quality

Two aspects of the water supply—pH and total dissolved solids (TDS)—affect many aspects of plant growth and vigor.

Managing Cannabis Fan Leaves

Managing and dealing with fan leaves on cannabis plants can have a huge impact on the quality and size of buds your crop produces. Keith Bouchard explains which fan...

Common Nutrient Additives

When it comes to nutrient additives, there are a lot of options available for growers. But, as Grubbycup explains, it is important to know exactly what you are adding...

Is Cannabis a Superfood?

Luis Cordova examines if raw cannabis can be considered a superfood.

What’s the Problem? Hydroponic Troubleshooting

Many of the problems we encounter in a hydroponic garden are fairly easy to identify. But sometimes the problem plaguing your plants isn’t so clear. Here we diagnose...


Young cannabis plants growing in pots.

Thank you for your question. When growing cannabis in a container outdoors, it is important to determine the appropriate size container to ensure success. Assuming the...

What method should I use to grow pineapples hydroponically?

Great question! Though pineapples are not typically thought of as a viable hydroponic crop, they certainly can be grown in hydro systems. The main drawback is the amount...

What is anandamide, why is it important, and how does using marijuana affect it?

Anandamide (AEA) is a naturally occurring endocannabinoid. Our bodies can produce AEA on demand and when produced, it activates the CB1 receptors. It’s similar to...

What’s the correct water temperature when watering my plants?

Hello,Thank you for your question. The ideal water temperature for watering plants is between 62-72°F. Within this range, the water is not too cold and can still...

Can I use electrolysis for nutrient solution in a hydroponic system for increasing the dissolved oxygen levels?

Electrolysis can be used to produce oxygen in a liquid – this is a well-known process often termed the “decomposition” or “splitting” of...