How To Set Up Your LED Grow Light

If you've just bought a grow light or are about to pull the trigger, learn how to hang the lamp, at what distance, determine light intensity (PPFD, or PAR), and we also...

Small plant in a container being watered.

A popular gardening myth out there goes a little something like this: “Add a layer of gravel or other coarse material in the bottom of containers to improve drainage.”...

Cannabis plant with a red and blue colour overlay.

Why hasn’t LED technology been widely adopted by growers and greenhouses?

Hands holding a small lettuce plant in a cup above a hydroponic system.

For growers trying out hydroponics for the first time, choosing the best system can be a daunting task. Are you up for the challenge?

A split image of a woman's mouth. On one side she is exhaling smoke, on the other she is holding a cannabis edible in her lips.

How you choose to consume your cannabis will have vastly different effects on how your body absorbs it.

Praying mantis on top of a cannabis plant

Follow Alan Ray’s pest control tips for inspection and eradication, and your cannabis plants will live happy and productive lives.

A single plant in soil being watered in the sunlight.

True or false? Watering plants on a hot sunny day will scorch their leaves. Read on to find out!

Woman smoking cannabis and practicing yoga inside an apartment.

A combination of cannabis, yoga, and meditation can reduce stress and increase positive thought and movement.

Grower observing a leaf through a round magnifier loupe.

There are tools and instruments that can make your life as a grower a little easier once you have the basic equipment up and running.

Purple cannabis plants in a commercial growroom. Photo courtesy of Broken Coast Cannabis.

You’ve done everything right and have some great-looking cannabis plants ready for harvest. Don’t blow it now.

Hands cupping dirt and a seedling surrounded by chemical elements representing macro and micro nutrients.

Boron… it's some chemical from the periodic table that plants need, but we don't really need to know much about it, right? Wrong. Author William DeBoer explains more...

industrial hemp

One of the ways that new technology has improved the processing time for hemp is with the introduction of high capacity buckers and trimming machines suited to the...

Plants in a humid greenhouse behind glass covered in condensation.

Greenhouse humidification is a crucial - yet often overlooked - aspect of maintaining optimal climate conditions for plant growth. Learn more about how to maintain...

Aphids crawling around a thorn on the stem of a plant.

Plants have evolved their own natural defense systems to fight pests and disease.

Gardener using an app to check temperature and humidity levels in an outdoor garden.

While you’re in the thick of performing gardening chores this season, start noting how microclimates work in your landscape.


Cannabis plants in a growroom under a light.

This is short question with a long answer.It may be true that a 10K finisher lamp adds “lots of UV,” but it is important to ask what this means. Several...

What do plants naturally do with magnesium and what is the bioavailability in food compared to supplements?

This is a rather difficult question as the absorption of magnesium from different magnesium-containing compounds by humans is not only biochemically complex but still...

What is the best way to manicure my plants; bushy or tall?

I have to say there are many different opinions surrounding this issue. I personally do not like trimming any healthy leaves even if it means more light gets to the...

CBD Safety

Cannabidiol (CBD) does appear to be everywhere and is poised to become mainstream. Recently, large box pharmacies in the United States like CVS and Walgreens announced...

Why did my little cucumber buds yellow and die?

Cucumber plants have both male and female flowers. On most cucumber plants, the female flowers require pollination from the male flowers to produce cucumbers.At first...