Control Your Grow: Comparing Different Types of Growing Environments

Greenhouses allow growers to harness the power of the sun, the No. 1 resource for growing plants. Sealed and non-sealed rooms require the growers to mimic a natural...

A Brief History of Strawberries

Relatively new to the scene, the delicious strawberry has become a key ingredient for many tasty dishes.

Flushing Out the Truth in a Controlled Indoor Growing Environment

What’s all the fuss with flushing? Water or nutes? What’s best?

How to Create a Bag Garden

A bag garden is ideal for those with little time and even less space.

A Plant's Life - From Seed to Seed Producer

Matt LeBannister takes us through the various phases of a plant’s life and wonders who’s using who in the survival game.

Phosphorus: An Essential Element for Plants

Among the crucial nutrients for plant growth and health, phosphorus is vital in all stages of plant cultivation.

Open or Closed: What System is Best for You?

Open and closed hydroponic systems both have their own pros and cons and suitability for different growing situations and inputs.

Silver Secrets: Another Way to Kill Pathogens

Colloidal silver can provide preventative, therapeutic and restorative properties to our plants and our gardens.

Cultivating Hydroponic Cucumbers

Here is a guide to growing the best cucumbers you have ever tasted using the hydroponic method.

5 Tips for Better Autodosing

Many of the benefits of autodosing are self-evident while others are more discreet.

When Plants Blight Back: Plant-Eating Pests and Their Predators

Proper identification of insect colonies can be tough for hobby gardeners. Fortunately, a magnifying glass paired with this simple guide to identifying common pests in...

Colony of root aphids sucking on dandelion roots.

Root aphids have become a problem for indoor growers and farmers alike.

Understanding Phosphorous Acid Products

Phosphorous acid products are causing a lot of buzz these days; however, people often get confused as there are so many similar sounding terms and compounds.

Close-up of a bee about to land on a sunflower.

Pollinators are on the decline, but by planting the right plants and providing shelter and water, you can help them make a comeback.

Baking a Fool of Myself: Cannabis Community and Ganja Goddess Pavlova

Turn your eggs into a delicately delicious Ganja Goddess Pavlova for yourself, for your friends, your neighbors, and your communities.


How do I get my cannabis leaves to stay green 'til they are ready?

Hello,Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, the yellow leaves and rust spots could be caused by numerous issues. If the yellowing is happening in the last couple...

Will flushing improve the taste of my tomatoes?

Hi Antonio,There is some debate among professional growers over this. Some would say to do it as a matter of course, some would say to do it only if there is excess salt...

What symptoms of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis should I be looking for?

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS) is a side effect that can occur in heavy, long-term cannabis users. Currently, it is believed to affect less than one per cent of...

How do I use nutrients I see in those jugs that say veg and bloom, or do I even need those to try and do it organically?

Hello Brock,Thank you for your question. Most hydroponic nutrients, whether organic or conventional, are split into “grow” and “bloom” or &ldquo...

If I grow hot peppers and tomatoes in my growroom, should the nutrient water be separate systems? I don’t want spicy tomatoes

Hello,Thank you for your question. Growing tomatoes in the same hydroponic system as hot peppers will not create spicy tomatoes. In fact, a wide variety of vegetables...