Hand holding aeroponic broccoli from a tower garden.

What we know as aeroponics today first became popular as a bare bones gardening technique that allowed plant scientists to get up close and personal with the mysteries...

Feeling Low: Problems with Acidic Soil

Many growers have a problem of low pH in their soil or growing media. Some soils are acidic by nature and, in other cases, low pH is the result of prolonged and...

A hand reaching out to a young cannabis seedling.

First time growing? Mistakes are unavoidable! But you need to at least make sure to avoid these 10 most common mistakes. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Close up photograph of rosin.

Scott Wakeham delves into the various rosin extracts, how they are made, and the accessories required.

Looking down on a dying houseplant on a grey table.

Still see a hint of green in your struggling house plant? Then there's still hope to turn its fate around even if you don't have a green thumb! Just follow these five...

Macro shot of cannabis pistils and trichomes.

When it comes to how cannabis impacts consumers, more is being discovered about the entourage effect.

cannabis growing seeds

Seeds or clones? There are two ways of growing and you need to pick a side before you begin. Each comes with its own set of advantages of disadvantages, which will...

Bowl of salsa surrounded by cannabis leaves.

Lucky for most of us the outdoor cannabis harvest and the end of the garden season usually coincide with each other and this leads to some dank salsas.

Hand placing a pan of ground cannabis into an oven to decarboxylate.

Those who are new to cannabis and keen to make edibles need to learn the process of decarboxylating their weed to trigger the THC before baking those tasty marijuana...

Shifting Habits, Shifting Minds: Food Waste in the 21st Century

One of the biggest problems facing America in the 21st century is the vast amount of perfectly good food that finds its way into dumpsters each year. Cory Hughes...

Close up of the cannabis extract live resin.

Loved for its vibrant aromas and flavors and continually approved upon with new technology, live resin is quickly becoming the Holy Grail of cannabis products.

CO2 tanks inside a greenhouse.

Lynette Morgan explains how home hydroponic horticulturists can take advantage of CO2 enrichment.

Two succulents under a small grow light.

True or False: Unless you’re a poinsettia, increased light levels can’t hurt. Read on to find out.

Raspberry-Pi-Based Greenhouse Controller

While many automated agricultural control systems are expensive and geared towards commercial operations, a little Raspberry Pi is perfect for home growers.

Battle of the Bugs: A Guide to Beneficial Insects

There are few things as troubling as discovering an insect infestation in an otherwise flawless garden. Once discovered, a grower must immediately launch a...


A model of a human brain next to cannabis leaves and a stethoscope.

Good question.Lately there have been articles stating that cannabis use can cause psychosis and even schizophrenia. For example, the New York Times recently published an...

Close up photograph of rosin.

You’ve already hit the nail on the head, because one of the biggest benefits of rosin extraction is how easy it is to do yourself, in fresh batches and in the...

Cannabis plants in a growroom under a light.

This is short question with a long answer.It may be true that a 10K finisher lamp adds “lots of UV,” but it is important to ask what this means. Several...

What do plants naturally do with magnesium and what is the bioavailability in food compared to supplements?

This is a rather difficult question as the absorption of magnesium from different magnesium-containing compounds by humans is not only biochemically complex but still...

What is the best way to manicure my plants; bushy or tall?

I have to say there are many different opinions surrounding this issue. I personally do not like trimming any healthy leaves even if it means more light gets to the...