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Methyl Jasmonate: Plant Defender and Communicator

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Tips & Tricks for Caring for Your Christmas Tree

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My cucumber plants are producing a ton of flowers. Should I pinch them off?

Cucumber plants that are healthy and growing vigorously under good conditions can develop an excessive number of flowers—far more than the plant can successfully carry...

What are the key differences between base nutrients, growth enhancers, and bloom enhancers?

Base nutrients are the soup stock of all feed charts. Supplements are the seasoning added to help the soup taste the best it can. While you might be able to grow plants...

When is the best time to foliar feed my plants? Lights on or off?

First of all, I would like to thank you for such a great question relating to the article: The Do's and Don'ts of Foliar Feeding. I want to kick this off by reminding...

How do I set up an auto-dosing system for my plants?

At first glance, autodosing does seem complicated, but it can be simplified. You probably know how it works: you set up tanks of your pH adjustor and fertilizer...

How far from flower tops should a LED grow light be?

For the LED light distance from the canopy top question, I would have to say the rule of thumb for lights is generally to keep them 1 foot away from the top of the...