The Basics of Plant Diseases

Almost everyone who grows plants, whether for their own enjoyment or professionally, will encounter plant disease problems at some point.

Fertilizer: Cracking the Code

In the United States, every fertilizer label on store shelves must contain five key components: the brand, the grade, a guaranteed analysis, the net weight and the name...


If you’ve watched the news in the past couple years, you may have heard about some store-bought cannabis containing contaminants like mold or residual pesticides. It's...

Putting Nutrient Film Technique to the Test

Since it was developed more than 30 years ago, the benefits of the nutrient film technique hydroponic growing system have been highly debated among commercial growers....

Cannabis Trim

If you've always thought that the only useful part of the cannabis plant is the flowers, then you'll be pleased to find out that a lot of what you trim away in the...


Garlic is a great vegetable to plant in the late fall. It’ll grow over the winter months and be ready for harvesting the following summer. Check out our tips for...

Can Medical Cannabis Relieve Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Physicians are still advised to counsel against cannabis-based medication as a first response, but as research increases, evidence shows cannabis does reduce pain.


When it comes to starting a new garden or fresh container plants, getting the right soil is essential for building a strong foundation for your plants.

Beneficial Elements For Your Nutrient Regimen: Chromium, Strontium and More

More here on potentially beneficial plant nutritional elements, Philip McIntosh highlights bromine, chromium, strontium, selenium, sodium, and titanium.

Beneficial Elements For Your Nutrient Regimen: Cobalt, Silicon, Nickel, and Vandium

Elements that may not be essential but could be beneficial to include in your nutrient regimen? Today, Philip McIntosh discusses cobalt, silicon, nickel, and vanadium.

Traveling With Weed

With medical and recreational cannabis laws gaining ground, more and more people are curious about the legal dos and don’ts when it comes to traveling with weed. Here’s...

How To Tell If You've Consumed Too Much Weed

Too much of a good thing? While most of the side effects of cannabis consumption are relatively harmless, some users may still experience some discomfort.


Manure is known to be an effective fertilizer in the garden, but there is considerable science behind effective application.

Beneficial Elements For Your Nutrient Regimen

There are several essential macro- and micronutrients plants need to grow and reproduce. Here we look at aluminum, iodine, lithium, rubidium and silver.

How to Find the Best Cannabis Strains for Aches and Pains

More and more, cannabis is accepted as a medicinal alternative to more conventional yet controversial treatments.



You already touched on the importance of your fertilizer program, so first and foremost, be sure you have that dialed in. Choose fertilizers and supplements that contain...


The most common question that we receive from Radicle Health patients is “What type of cannabis would help with____________?”Our response, typically, is...


Mites are the biggest challenge to growers after powdery mildew. They are actually easy to get rid of and I will go into that in a minute. First, let’s address the...


When propagating with clones, its best to only use clean, sterile water for both misting or fogging the tops of the clones and for saturation of the propagation medium...

Enzyme Cleaner

Enzyme-based cleaners, conditioners, and additives are a great, all-natural way to help maintain a healthy soil or hydroponic system. Enzymes are specialized catalysts...