Two sets of roots from a hydroponic system, one healthy and one diseased.

With hydroponic nutrient solutions acting as conduit for pathogens, growers need to safely disinfect their systems.

Woman smoking cannabis from a bong.

Depending on your choice of cannabinoids and dosage levels, cannabis can be a relatively safe remedy for anxiety.

Photosynthesis Maximized

Dr. Morgan explains just how much light your indoor garden needs—and what colors it should be.

Cannabis leaf on an outdoor cannabis plant.

Maximum Yield writer Peggy Bradley suffers from epilepsy and has discovered a reliable at-home method to curb her seizures.

Large blue fan in a grow room.

Supplying fresh, clean air through the use of a proper ventilation system is of utmost importance to your growing environment.

Plant Pigments: Nature’s Source of Color & Life Energy

Plant pigments can be used by plants to attract pollinators, such as birds or insects, or to attract or deter predators, depending on the circumstance. Here is a...

leaf infected with powdery mildew

While it doesn’t get the same scrutiny as powdery mildew, downy mildew can become just as devastating on your plants.

bud trimmer cannabis flower

Do you use a bud trimmer for your cannabis operation? Not all bud trimmers are created the same, here's why a good one makes all the difference.

Electrical Conductivity and Monitoring Plant Nutrition

Electrical conductivity test (EC) is a quick and inexpensive way to determine the salt concentration of a solution. For growers, it provides a reliable method of...

Two pucks of homemade hash.

To become a Hashashin, all you need to get started are some dry trim leaves/popcorn buds and a minimalist kit.

Supplemental CO2: The Next Step to Ridiculously Good Plants

Your crops are on a killer nutrition regimen and living in an indoor growroom with on-point lighting, temperature, and humidity. What’s the next step towards getting...

Cannabis flower with pine needles and cones.

Customize your cannabis experience by choosing strains containing the terpenes that best suit us individually.

The Downlow on Dissolved Oxygen

While most growers know dissolved oxygen is important to have in their hydro systems, they do not really understand what it is or why it’s so important to the health and...

Flowering cannabis plant under LED grow lights.

Proper science, not marketing, should be the only priority when defining lighting metrics.

Jar of dried and cured cannabis spilling out on to a table.

You’ve worked hard to grow a potent and flavorful crop, but now what? Follow Cory Hughes’s advice to keep your cannabis fresh and mold-free during storage, and don’t...


Lettuce growing in a RDWC hydroponic system.

There can be a number of reasons why the nutrient solution in a closed recirculating deep water culture (RDWC) system might become increasingly acidic.The main ones are...

Photograph of a doctor reviewing a lung x-ray.

Great question. There have been concerns around COVID and whether or not inhaling cannabis puts one at greater risk of infection or possible lung damage.Here are some of...

What is the best strain for making extracts?

Thank you for your question. Generally, the strains most suitable for making extracts contain a high ratio of cannabinoids/terpenes/flavonoids to plant material.In other...

What is the ideal humidity level for leafy greens?

Hi Preston,Thank you for your question. The ideal relative humidity for growing leafy greens is 50-70 percent. To prevent mold and mildew from becoming an issue in your...

I want to try cannabis or CBD for chronic pain. Where should I start?

Hello Arthur,Great question! As a medical professional I will always encourage you to work with a qualified healthcare professional. There are times when we can identify...