Brix meter on a table with cannabis leaves.

Using a basic tool like a brix refractometer gives growers a glimpse into the inner workings of cannabis and how well it will perform.

Two cannabis plants growing inside a grow tent.

Grow tents are a convenient way to convert an indoor space into a garden. Here are some points to ponder when planning a grow tent garden.

Looking up at LED grow lighting from inside a cannabis canopy.

Alex Fraser explains how the different spectral light ranges impact cannabis plant growth and health.

Fungal disease powdery mildew on zucchini foliage

The key to beating a powdery mildew outbreak in your growroom is staying two steps ahead of the problem.

Flowering cannabis plant growing outdoors in the sun.

No-till farming—growing without digging or turning the soil—has become increasingly popular with cannabis cultivators.

fried dandelions on a plate with cannabis leaves

These nicely sized dandelion fritters are in a very light and lacy tempura style batter, making these party poppers hard to keep up with!

Bright pink Anthurium or Flamingo Flowers

This Valentine's Day, try combining gardening and romance by giving your sweetheart a stunning plant.

Cannabis clones inside a grow tent.

Learn how to take healthy clones from your cannabis plants and use them to grow a mother plant.

Ladybug climbing on an indoor cannabis plant.

When a pest problem arises, implementing a natural or organic pest control treatment is the best way a cannabis grower can protect their health.

Psychic peering into a crystal ball and seeing a cannabis plant.

Writer and grower extraordinaire Michael Coffey pulls out his crystal ball and dishes on what could be the dankest cannabis strains in 2021.

Hand pouring a cup of tea.

Take a trip around the globe right in the comfort and safety of your own home by serving up this delightfully warm and cozy cannabis-infused drink.

Ultimate Cannabis Seed Feminizer: Colloidal Silver

Most people resort to purchasing feminized cannabis seeds from commercial seed banks. But how does one guarantee they are what they claim to be?

Commercial cannabis greenhouse

Testing cannabis throughout the different stages of its preparation is crucial to avoid mold, microbes and other harmful matters.

Cucumber plants growing up trellis netting.

Are your outdoor plants out of control yet? Adding a trellis to your landscape will offer plants enhanced access to sunlight and better air flow.

Cannabis plant growing inside a grow tent.

Kent Gruetzmacher provides some insider expertise on how to best manage a small growroom or grow tent to maximize cannabis production.


Cannabis plants with red stems.

Thank you for your question. When first encountered, red and/or purple stems may be concerning, however, there are actually many reasons this pigmentation can occur and...

Gardener tilling soil with a garden fork.

Hi Angelique,Thank you for your question. The short answer is that either method will work, but tilling does harm your soil over time and will require more inputs over...

Looking at ground cannabis under a magnifying glass

Hello Shawn,Thank you for your question. It is an important one as most people do not know the difference between synthetic cannabinoids and plant-based cannabinoids....

Grower handling a mature cannabis flower before harvest

Thank you for your question. The average length of cannabis’s flowering stage is around eight weeks. The duration to maturity will vary for different plant...

Lettuce growing in a RDWC hydroponic system.

There can be a number of reasons why the nutrient solution in a closed recirculating deep water culture (RDWC) system might become increasingly acidic.The main ones are...