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Colloidal silver

In gardening, colloidal silver is used to target various types of plant pathogens, including parasites and bacteria....
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Meet Our Experts

Lynette Morgan

Author, Partner at SUNTEC International Hydroponic Consultants

Dr. Lynette Morgan holds a B. Hort. Tech. degree and a PhD in hydroponic greenhouse production from Massey University, New Zealand. A partner with SUNTEC International Hydroponic Consultants, Lynette is involved in remote and on-site consultancy services for new and existing commercial greenhouse growers worldwide as well as research trials and product development for manufacturers of hydroponic products. Lynette has authored five hydroponic technical books and is working on her sixth.

Sebastian Carosi

Chef, Leader of Farm 2 Fork

Chef Sebastian Carosi trained at Portland’s Western Culinary Institute, apprenticed with renowned chefs in Italy, and went on to lead the Farm 2 Fork movement in New England and the mid-Atlantic states. Find him on Instagram at @chef_sebastian_carosi.

Rich Hamilton

Writer, Consultant, Author of The Growers Guide

Rich Hamilton has been in the hydroponics industry for more than 20 years, working originally as a general manager in a hydroponics retail outlet before becoming an account manager at Century Growsystems. He enjoys working on a daily basis with shop owners, manufacturers, distributors, and end users to develop premium products.

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